Even if you have never thought about it music helps you when you are training, brings benefits and advantages to your sports practice to get the most out of it. In this post we want to tell you about some of the benefits of including it in your routine and some recommendations to get the most out of it.

Music has the gift of changing our mood, of accompanying us in good and bad moments and of enclosing memories in it. Who has not happened to relate a song to a specific moment or to a person?

In this sense it also has a positive effect during your training. It is capable of dGet rid of pain and fatigue, elevate your mood, increase stamina, reduce your effort and can even promote the metabolic efficiency of your body. Stay with this figure, and it is that listening to music during your sports practice can improve performance by up to 15%.

According to Dr Costas Karageorghis, an expert in sports psychology, has referred to music as "a type of legal drug to improve performance." Although he also states that there are people who can be negatively affected, especially elite athletes, since the pace and energy levels can vary to achieve optimal performance, becoming a distraction. Although we must not forget that, for example, Michael Pelps, considered one of the best athletes in history, used to listen to Hip-Hop during his workouts to motivate himself, achieve his goals and concentrate.

It is difficult to choose in a generalized way the music that each of us will do well to train, and it is very personal, but we must take into account some characteristics of the song that will affect us in training. A good example is the pace and speed that will determine performance that we are going to have when training. What's more, the times must be matched with the activity we are doing. It is a very important factor to have greater concentration in the moment and taking into account the part of the body that we are training. Therefore, we should know choose the type of music we will listen to at each moment of our routine.

We give you some tips for your daily warm-up routine, cardiovascular phase and stretching.

El heating It is a relatively slow phase, where we prepare the body for the physical activity that we will carry out. We have to accompany this part of the routine with music that encourages and motivates. Songs with a medium speed, like salsa or pop. For example, this playlist that we recommend.

During the development of the cardiovascular activity the rhythm of the music should increase. If it is a training of High intensity that beats must be between 170-190, instead in training of intermediate intensity they should be 110-150. The rhythm of the music has to encourage us not to stop during the duration of the activity. In this case, it is best to electronic music, dance music, hip-hop… You can also listen to the Recommended Playlist for running by Dr Karageorghis.

In the last phase of our training, that is, the stretching It will be a phase in which we rest from all the exercises carried out. For this reason, music has to be more relaxed between 60-80 beats. In this case we recommend a chill out music or combine a melody with sounds of nature.

After these explain the benefits and advantages of listening to music, you will surely start listening to music during the different phases of your training routine, even going so far as to create your own Playlist. Dare to also listen to the songs proposed in this blog article from Metropolitan.