The heat and the summer approach and, with them, increase the desire to give you a break to the pool or the beach. If you are looking for a gym with pool in Barcelona, Metropolitan puts at your disposal its swimming pools of its centers in Barcelona so you can enjoy a good swim without giving up your sport routine.


Its gyms with swimming pool are located in the main neighborhoods of Barcelona. If you live or move more in the Eixample area you can enjoy a spectacular indoor pool in Metropolitan Sagrada Familia, or swim in the pool with telescopic cover of Metropolitan Galileo, located in Sants Les Corts. You can also do Aquagym classes in the outdoor pool of Metropolitan Iradier, located in the area of ​​Sarrià Sant Gervasi.

The Metropolitan gyms located in Hospitalet de Llobregat and Badalona also have swimming pools and Spa where you can use the aquatic facilities to practice swimming, follow the activities offered by the different centers or simply relax and enjoy a rewarding bath.

It is possible that with the high temperatures of summer you feel that the performance in physical exercise decreases. The body feels weaker and weaker and you need to perform another type of sporting activity.

To alleviate the effects of summer, the gymnasiums with a Metropolitan pool offer you different activities so you can continue with your exercise routine while staying cool. Beat the heat and have fun with the water activities of its gyms in Barcelona!

In the different Metropolitan centers with swimming pool in Barcelona, ​​you have at your disposal their facilities so that you can use them whenever you want. In addition, you can also be part of the swimming Club to complement all your exercises, with the guidance and supervision of an expert Metropolitan technician and accompanied by amateurs and swimming enthusiasts like you.

The best exercises to practice in the pool


El Aquafit is the star activity of the pools of the Metropolitan gyms. This exercise is designed for all ages and all audiences. The Aquagym combines the fun of water with the benefits of sport.

The aquatic gymnastics or Aquafit, is an activity based on toning exercises in the pool taking advantage of the resistance that opposes water to movement. These exercises are perfect for working on circulatory problems, joints and muscle overloads in the back.

If you are an aquagym aficionado or fan, try the classes at one of the centers!

You can enjoy them at the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia, Metropolitan Iradier, Metropolitan Balmes, Metropolitan Galileo, Metropolitan Gran Vía and Metropolitan Badalona Centers.

Aquaboard and Aqua-circuit

For the most daring there is the Aquaboard, a cardiovascular activity and muscle toning in the water that makes the big muscle groups work. With this activity you can complement the exercises performed in the engine room in the pool, since muscle fatigue in the water will be reduced.
This activity is taught at the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia, Metropolitan Gran Vía and Metropolitan Badalona centers.

El Aqua-Circuit It is an ideal training for muscle conditioning. An easy and very entertaining circuit of exercises so that you can enjoy the benefits of exercise with the inducement of water.

practice Aqua-Circuit in the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia, Metropolitan Gran Vía and Metropolitan Badalona centers.

Aqua-pilates and Aqua-Tai Chi

El Aqua-pilates It includes all the benefits of the movements of the pilates, but adapted to water to achieve optimal performance. It is ideal to find the energy balance in contact with water.

go to Aqua-pilates in the centers Metropolitan Sagrada Familia and Metropolitan Las Arenas. Also, in Las Arenas center, you can also enjoy the Aqua-Tai Chi. This modality is carried out in the water and combines the millenary techniques of Taichí, enhancing its benefits and providing the maximum balance for your body and mind. Comprehensive well-being so that you revitalize soul and spirit.

Up-aqua and Aqua-back

If you want to benefit from the positive effects that water causes on bones and joints, the Up-aqua It is one of the best options. According Francisco Pascual, responsible for physical activity of Metropolitan, this activity has numerous therapeutic benefits that will alleviate the problems in the joints in general and strengthen the musculature. You can also relieve back pain with classes Aqua-back taught by the best professionals.
Improve the health of your joints and back in the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia, Metropolitan Gran Vía and Metropolitan Badalona centers.

Aqua Latino and Aqua Aerobics

El Aqua Latino It is a class designed to work with the buoyancy of water. In this way, you will support your body weight and eliminate stress and impact on your joints during exercise.

You can enjoy the Aqua Latino in the middle Metropolitan Sagrada Familia Wednesdays at 09: 00h and 10: 00h.

Aqua Aerobics It is an activity suitable for all audiences who want to have fun doing sports in the water. It is a cardiovascular exercise performed in the comfort of water, combining a complete training with dances and choreography very stimulating. A highly recommended exercise for all audiences.

Enjoy the Aqua Aerobics in the middle Metropolitan Galileo Mondays at 12: 30h.

The person in charge of physical activity of Metropolitan, Francisco Pascual, recommends to practice sport in the swimming pool, since it entails numerous benefits for the human body. From the reduction of problems in the joints and muscular pains to the improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Improve your health and your physical state by enjoying the pools of the Metropolitan gyms in Barcelona!

Swimming club for members

If you like to belong to a group in which to share tastes and likings for swimming and sports, the swimming Club of Metropolitan is your site!

El swimming Club It offers an activity with a high cardiovascular component, aimed at people with a basic level of swimming who want to improve their technique in the pool. In addition, you can meet companions with whom you can share your hobbies and experiences in the water. 

You can make the final jump to the pool at the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia center on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the 10: 15h.

At the Metropolitan Galileo center, the swimming club is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the 08: 15h and on Sundays at the 12: 00h. 

Metropolitan Gran Vía de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat also has swimming Club! You can attend the 07: 30h Monday through Friday to recharge batteries before starting the daily routine.

Center Metropolitan Badalona open the doors of your swim club on Thursdays at the 07: 15h for the early risers.