The Biocircuit training circuit allows you to customize the training experience up to expert levels. Biocircuit gives you the possibility of training in a predefined time circuit format, made up of equipment that combines cardiovascular and strength exercises, also allowing you to work all muscle groups.

Some of the strength equipment that can be included in the circuit are Leg Press, Leg Curl and Leg Extension, to strengthen the leg area, Chest Press, Vertical Traction, Low Row, Lower Back, and Shoulder Press, focused on tone the upper area of ​​the core, and Total Abdominal, to work the abdomen. Regarding the cardio equipment that may be included in the circuit, you can find the treadmill.

The main mission of this circuit is to personalize the training for each person to the maximum and thus provide the exclusivity that each athlete needs. For this reason, all the machines on the route are adjusted both ergonomically and to the type of training, always guided by Metropolitan professionals at first.

Once the circuit is configured by a trainer, it is registered and you will be able to complete the training circuit in a time of 30 minutes.

Advantages of the Biocircuit training circuit

However, in addition to knowing how it works, experts in Metropolitan Fitness They detail a series of advantages and reasons why you should include Biocircuit in your training routine.

  • Supports fat loss. To ensure that fat loss will be more easily maintained, one of the most effective ways is to stimulate the muscles. Thanks to Biocircuit, a high percentage of all the body's muscles are stimulated and involved, so fat loss will be more effective.
  • It is a custom circuit. Its system, fully customizable to your needs, allows the program to adapt to your resistance, positions, workload and rhythm as required. It is a cutting-edge technology designed for you to have an integral sports performance.
  • You can practice specific strength exercises. This type of training will help you maintain and develop muscle tone and mass. Having strength will also allow you to maintain a correct posture in your day to day life. Because strong and toned muscles are essential to prevent injuries, both when practicing sports and in other daily activities.
  • Fight stress with Biocircuit. Thanks to this training circuit, the body secretes endorphins. These hormones are also known as the hormones of happiness. When the body secretes them, it brings a feeling of relaxation and good humor, which means that your stress will be reduced. Playing sports is health.

It should be noted that any training, especially if it is personalized like the Biocircuit training system, must have proper advice from your coaches. Each person has specific physical needs and a specific availability of time to reconcile with the rest of the daily commitments and obligations.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask the experts at Metropolitan so that they can design an exercise routine that is totally suitable for you.