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Fitness Cardio

Fitness Cardio

Cycling Room

Cycling Room

Room Activities

Room Activities

Female Costumes

Female Costumes

Women's Clothing Sauna

Women's Clothing Sauna



Men's Clothing Sauna

Men's Clothing Sauna

services and facilities

  • Facilities
    • Cycling room (Keizer M3)
    • Fitness room
      • New ARTIS machines
      • Body building area
      • Cardiovascular area
      • Stretching area
    • Directed Activities Rooms
  • Services
    • Yoga
    • Permanent technical advice in Fitness
    • pilates machine
    • Directed activities
    • Master Classes and Special Activities
    • personal training
    • Rental Lockers
  • Welcome pack
    • Custom start plan
    • Training session (50% Discount)

Metropolitan Courtesies

  • Welcome Pack
  • Weighing machine
  • Shower gel
  • Hairdryer
  • Ghd hair straighteners
  • Lockers
  • Towels
  • WIFI zone
  • Colonia
  • Amenities
  • Body Lotion

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Users opinion

Cristina P.

Commercial and Business

I've been to several gyms and this one is definitely spectacular. The facilities and the team of coaches deserve an 10.

Marcos C.


Good facilities and good customer service. Little crowded and with very complete fitness rooms.

Jorge P.

Human Resources

The monitors are very involved and the facilities are fantastic. Definitely a great gym.

Opinion means

Divinity Magazine

Here the stress stays out, or rather, is fought with physical exercise.

The Economist

The 19 plant in Spain's tallest office building houses the Metropolitan gymnasium, where sport and relaxation merge to escape the day while enjoying the capital. A place where sport and relaxation have merged to escape from the workday. And it is that the building, owned by Mutua Madrileña, which has several offices in its 50 plants, has tried to offer all kinds of comforts to its tenants, from restaurants , meeting rooms, special spaces for events and now also a place where you can escape throughout the day to perform various sports activities. So this gym has linked its schedule to the normal office hours, so that those who wish, can take advantage of the free time of the day, for example the lunch hour or go immediately after work, to get in shape or relax .

YO Donate - The World

The 19ª plant in Madrid's Torre de Cristal, one of the famous four towers, already houses the highest gym in Spain. But it is not a sports center to use: only tenants of the building, 250 meters high, can enjoy the facilities of this new space developed by the Metropolitan chain. The Torre de Cristal skyscraper of Mutua Madrileña is an office tower, so they are the workers of the companies that have their space there, the lucky ones who can see the Madrid skyline while exercising on bikes or on tapes. But there is also a space for relaxation: the changing rooms have saunas, where the tenants can relax while watching the spectacular views.





Gym in Madrid: Metropolitan Torre de Cristal

Paseo de la Castellana, 259 C 19 Plant
28046 Madrid.

Reception: 91 307 58 04

Phone or email:

91 307 58 04


Opening hours: 

From Monday to Thursday of 7: 00 has 22: 00 h.
7 Friday: 00 has 18: 30 h.

* This center is exclusively for tenants of Torre de Cristal.